“Your deepest roots are in nature.
No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead,
you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation.”

Song of India’s wellness and fragrance products are a celebration of natural and holistic living. In an endeavour to strike a delicate balance between the body and mind, all of our products are designed to invigorate, enrich and energize your soul. Based on the principles of the ancient science of ayurveda, our products are crafted as per age-old Indian traditions and methods. Come, experience the pure joy of natural goodness!


The journey began in the old walled city of Delhi, in the year 1932, when our great grandfather Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur founded a small manufacturing unit, named Mathur Perfumery Works. It was a modest beginning to produce products using natural ingredients like herbs, plants, roots etc. His own personal formulations were liked very much in the local community. He never had any desire to do it on a large scale. He was more a family man than a businessman. He passed his art of making perfumes, oils and incense to his son, Mr. Durga Prashad Mathur. He just followed the techniques of his father and lived a very simple and non-entrepreneurial life. He was a very polite and generous person. His wife Mrs. Raj Rani Mathur used to assist and help him at the store while he was busy in manufacturing.

In the nineteen sixties, many foreigners were attracted to India and tourists from different parts of the world started visiting our old store. The array of natural products offered, was highly appreciated that time. It was indeed a turning point with our products finding overwhelming response in the overseas markets. The humble beginnings of what started as a passion for essential oils, perfumes and massage oils back in 1932, blossomed into a booming business in 1972 and Song of India was born. Work orders from world-over started pouring-in. Soon these small orders turned into large ones. To meet the increasing demand, a bigger workspace was set up in Noida. In 1988, a full fledged branch office was established in Seattle to cater our North American customers. Our father, Late Mr. Ashok Mathur exemplified great leadership qualities to take this family-run business forward. He was a modest and pragmatic man who tirelessly worked towards his dream of creating simple, yet beautiful products that are close to nature.

Over the years, this small family-run business has grown from strength-to-strength and diversified its portfolio. But some things haven't really changed. The age-old tradition of formulating beautiful scents using essential oils is still followed. We draw our inspiration from our rich cultural heritage, nature, and the ancient science of ayurveda. Our fresh formulations and authentic craftsmanship are here to set new standards in lifestyle and fragrant products. We are here to spoil you with choice, pamper you with premium quality, and fill your life and homes with beauty and fragrance.

- Ankit & Sanchit Mathur



With a charming and inspiring personality, Late Mr. Ashok Mathur was instrumental in the success of this family run business. He setup the production units in Delhi and Noida and grew the retail business of the old shop in Paharganj. His valuable teachings and life lessons guide the team as we strive forward.


With a vast experience of more than 30 years, Mrs. Rajni is the nose of Song of India and is behind many of our classic perfumes. She has a sharp understanding of the business and now heads the finance division. She is spiritually inclined towards vedantic studies and spends much of her time chanting, reading and imbibing Bhagavad Gita in her daily life.


Ankit completed his MBA in International Business and joined the team in 2010. He enjoys traveling and passionately sources the finest natural raw materials from different parts of the world that go in the making of our scented products. He works on visual design of our packaging and is devoted towards creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. He heads procurement and manufacturing division.


Equipped with a masters degree in perfumery and cosmetics from ISIPCA, France, Sanchit joined us in 2016 and currently heads the R&D and exports division. He is involved in blending and formulating perfumes and development of products. He has also brought in technological innovation with implementation of ERP system & automation of manufacturing processes.


All our products are hand-made and we feel proud that our organization is now supporting more than ten thousand families in India. With the help of sales from Song of India products, our organization has adopted several children from distant villages of Rajasthan, India who are very poor and/or lost one or both parents and are financially struggling for education. These children are provided with all necessities including school uniforms, stationary, school fees, transportation, extra tutoring, medical, vision and other necessities to prosper in their individual visions.